Week of June 27th, 2016 | Possessed Marshmallows, Don't Do It + "What Did You Do, Ray?"

Happy 4th of July Weekend!! I'm counting down the hours until I'm standing poolside next to a BBQ smelling ALL the hamburgers, hotdogs and maybe a little sulfur from the fireworks. Mmmmm!!...'Merica! 

Let's get on with a new T-shirt release, now.

I had a fun week working on a few different designs that will be coming soon. Here's a quick sketch of what's next in the shops. It's a little Suicide Squad inspired design, puddin'. 

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Sketch

Unfortunately, this one's not quite done yet and I got a little distracted by this new book I received from NerdBlock last week. Yes, it's my very own Tobin's Spirit Guide. The proton pack is coming next week. Just kidding...no I'm not.

Ghostbusters Tobin Spirit Guide Nerd Block

This book definitely got me thinking about a few things and before we head out to our 20 different BBQ parties this weekend I just need to do a quick PSA for you all. As you're enjoying the BBQ's, Fireworks, and Bonfires, you little pyro. Please refrain from conjuring up any demonic marshmallows this 4th of July weekend. I know roasting marshmallows, and making Smores seems harmless, but let's not forget what happened to Ray Stantz that one time he thought about marshmallows.

I love this scene and it seems more than appropriate with the new Ghostbusters movie being released in couple weeks, that I conjure up a good old fashioned design inspired by the original 1984 film.

'What Did You Do' is now on sale in my Teepublic shop in a variety of styles and colors, you can also grab this design on a few other products besides tees, just head on over and check them out. 

I hope you all love the new design. Keep following along for so many more that are in the works right now! Enjoy your 3 Day weekend!! Remember, fire is danger and so are evil possessed marshmallows. Stay safe, and May The Force Be With You!!