Week of August 22nd, 2016 | Favorite New Podcast and Arkham's Most Wanted Baseball Team

I'm FINALLY back in the Studio and can't wait to share all that's been going on the past couple months during my radio silence.

First things first, I have a new Studio space! That's right, I've been moving the past couple months which means, ALL the art has been in ALL the boxes for longer than I would have liked, so this week was all about getting back into the Studio and creating again.  I've got a new T-shirt design release today, and I want to introduce you to some new podcast friends who are doing and an awesome giveaway of my "I'm Here to Rescue You" stickers.


So before my studio and entire life was consumed by boxes, and boxes...and...boxes, I was working on a new design inspired by Suicide Squad and DC Comic's New 52 Series', Harely Quinn.  If you follow along on my social media accounts you might have seen some of the progress pics below.  

Harley Quinn Digital Design Progress Pic Jlane Design
Harley Quinn Sketch Jlane Design

The movie wasn't great, but this design is awesome. My love of baseball and comics combined in one design. 'Arkham's Baseball Club' is now available on my Teepublic shop and available in a variety of colors, styles and products. Don't forget my Teepublic shop isn't just for T-shirts anymore, but you can grab all my designs on mugs, phone cases, journals and more! 

Make sure you grab this new design over the weekend while it's on sale! 


It hasn't been all moving and finishing designs the past couple months, I also have had the opportunity to be apart of an awesome giveaway on a very new, amazing podcast! The informative and funny ladies of 'The Forecast: A Harrison Ford Podcast' reached out to me last month, letting me know how much they loved my Star Wars designs, specifically my 'Here to Rescue You' design. They loved it so much in fact, that they asked if I would be willing to sponsor one of their awesome giveaways they do on their shows.  I took a listen and immediately fell in love with their witty commentary and mutual obsession of Harrison Ford and all his epic movies. I couldn't turn down the opportunity to be a sponsor and I know my fans would love their show, and love some free stickers. 

I could probably write endless posts on how Harrison Ford was a staple ingredient in making me such a geek growing up. Besides crushing hard on an adorably sarcastic Han Solo, I aspired to find a man as adventurous as Indiana Jones and as futuristically handsome as Rick Deckard. After listening to this podcast I felt relieved knowing there were other women out there that could totally geek out and share this tiny obsession.

The Fordcast has definitely made into my routine, airing a new episode every other week.  The discussions are definitely informative and I find my self laughing out loud from Rachel and Lauren's banter. If you're a film geek and even more so a Harrison Ford film geek, definitely give this show a listen. There's a great conversation on Han Solo and The Empire Strikes Back and they just finished reviewing Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is hilarious. You can listen to both of these below, or give them a follow on iTunes, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to stay up to date with upcoming posts, including the upcoming review of Return of The Jedi, where you have the chance to listen and win some of my free Han Solo stickers!

If you miss the giveaway, there's still another chance to score some of these free stickers if you're headed to New York Comic Con the beginning of October, Lauren and Rachel will be there promoting their fantastic show and handing out a ton great freebies from all their sponsors. Don't miss them! 

Now that I'm back in the Studio again, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news on sales, new designs and new friends! I'll be launching my own personal giveaway before the holidays so you can have a chance to score some sweet gifts for free!!

Until next week, May The Force Be With You! 

Week of February 29th, 2016 | Leap Day, World Book Day + The Kitty, Kitty Cat

We started off this week with a whole extra 24 hrs this year! How amazing is that, only happens every 4 years so you kind of have to make the best of it.  I took advantage of it by getting back into some of my painting. As I’ve mentioned before there’s a lot of areas of creativity that I tend to dabble in, not just the nerdy things (although they are my favorite). One of those other areas is painting. I’ve been painting since I was little wee one. I love it. I’m not by any means J.M.W Turner, but I’m fairly good at it. Last summer I had 'Saturday Afternoon' piece showcased in a group show in Laguna Beach.  And if you check out the other few I have on here, you’ll see that they are all available for sale as prints…framed, unframed, printed on amazingly beautiful stretched canvas all through my Society 6 shop. (If you’re looking for something custom, you can always contact me here). So I took this full free day to go back to some pieces I’d like to complete this year. Here’s a look at my recent work in progress.

Ocean Waves Beach Painting Acrylic on Canvas Jlane Design
World Book Day Neil Gaiman Felicia Day J.K. Rowling Books Coffee Blanket

Besides having one whole extra day this week, it was also World Book Day!! This past Thursday is when they celebrated the absolute fantasticalness of books.  I heart books. I enjoy the smell of an old book, libraries are like musuems to me. I make it point to read every day. Getting lost in another world is such a great use of your time. I recommend it.  I celebrated World Book Day, by cozying it up to a few of my favorites.  I just finished Felicia Day’s “You’re Never Weird on the Internet(Almost)” and it’s amazing…please check it out. So many moments where I felt like I was reading about myself. Also a little tribute to my all time favorites, Harry Potter (of course) and my favorite author Neil Gaiman. “Neverwhere” was the first book I read by him and I now own everything he writes. “American Gods” will always be my favorite book, hands down, but “Neverwhere” is what got me started.

Ok, let’s get to some actual work from this week. I wrote last week about this new piece and I’m sure you all guessed it was a Catwoman themed design and you’re correct! So yay, you figured something out…or I told you. Well here some progress pieces to show you. A few sketches and a little video to showcase what it looks like bringing my sketches to life digitally. Yes, that’s me, tracing in the computer, on Adobe Illustrator. Check it out. 

And below you'll see my sketch before the computer and then my sketch turned digital after the computer. I added color and shading, plus I was able to manipulate some areas of the sketch that needed help with proportion or curves. Adobe Illustrator helps me do all those things in order to prep it for printing on T-Shirts. 

Catwoman Claws Glove Hand Sketch and Digital

After all the elements are done being prepped, I combine them all in photoshop and design my shirt. Here's the final piece and what it looks like all finished. 

'The Cat' design is now available over on my Teepublic shop. It’s only $14 all weekend long, so check it out before it goes full price.  It’s not only on T-shirts, but you can get prints and phone cases as well now! 

Before I leave you all to get to your fun filled weekends, make sure to check out my Redbubble shop, as ‘The Psycho’ just got added and there’s a ton of products to up your Comic Con and Cosplay game. Just check out the skirt and bag below. That bag will hold ALL the fan fun stuff at conventions this year.  So make sure to check out all the new stuff this weekend, and I'll meet you all back here next Friday, sound good?...It's a date! Till then, MTFBWY!