Week of June 13th, 2016 | LANGUAGE!! KC Derby Girls + Try To Stick Together

Captain America might not be lovin' one of the new T-Shirt designs this week (Language, people!), but these Kansas City Derby Girls are ready to class up the track with this one.

This week a few Warriors in Training requested a design they could intimidate some future opponents with, while still staying a little classy.  It started off with sketches of some key elements in the Derby world. A Unicorn and roller skates. Because Roller Derby girls are one-of-a-kind, beautiful, magical creatures kickin' butt in some old school skates. 

Roller Derby Unicorn and Roller Skates Sketch Jlane Design

As usual, after the sketching is done, it all gets scanned in to the computer and where it all magically transforms into the final design below. Ok, there's some skill involved in the process, but everyone assumes it's magic so I don't want to kill their dreams.

Derby Boss Roller Derby T-Shirt Design Model Jlane Design Redbubble

"Derby Boss" is now available in my Redbubble shop in a variety of styles and colors. If you're looking for other ways to intimidate your opponent off the track, check out some other products below. Stickers, mugs and a killer backpack to throw your skates in, plus a lot more.

So grab some new gear, class up your training sessions and intimidate the crap out of those other girls!

Since the Roller Derby Shirt was a special request this week, I decided to fulfill another special request from a fan all the way from the UK. That's right, there's one more T-shirt release this week and it's gonna look really familiar too. I also feel like it's following in theme this week with the Roller Derby girls new shirt.  Roller Derby is a team sport for sure, and it encourages women to work together, boost each other's self confidence and I definitely think it helps teach women to be strong and independent. Much like our beloved female heroines in Star Wars.

I know you've all seen the "Don't Rescue Me" and "Don't Hold My Hand" t-shirt designs I've released this year. I have to say these two are my favorite ones by far and apparently yours too. I love hearing from my fans and seeing their posts, wearing these designs. It makes my heart happy, because it sends such a positive message to women of all ages.  

Awhile back I received an email from an awesome fan from the UK, named Emma. Her and her best friend loved these designs so much, that they wanted to see if I would be able to combine both onto one shirt! I couldn't resist fulfilling the heartwarming request. So along with these designs still being available on individual shirts, they are now available together on one shirt! Princess Leia and Rey, our true female rebels.

"Stick Together" is now available on my Teepublic shop in a variety of styles and colors. The best part is it's also on sale all weekend long, so grab it for a great deal while you can. 

So a BIG THANKS to superfan Emma! I hope you love it as much as I do! Also a huge thanks to the Kansas City Roller Derby Warriors in Training!! I hope you kick some major butt in these new tees and tanks! Feel free to post photos of your awesome items when you get them!!

Make sure you're following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter cause next month (July) I'm doing a BIG giveaway that you definitely don't want to miss out on.

What an awesome way to end the week, making some amazing fans super happy! Until next week, May The Force Be With You, ALL!