Stay Puft T-Shirt Design for -  Teepublic

Stay Puft T-Shirt Design for - Teepublic

I remember when I was just a tot, I had a cherished, stuffed, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man toy. I loved it so much that it went every where I did, and that meant outside and in the dirt.  It collected all kinds of craziness on it's lovely white plush, and I figured if I needed a bath, then so did he.  Except it wasn't allowed to go in the bathtub. So one day I improvised, without my Mother's knowledge, and gave it a bath under the spout of the water cooler.  Not only was our lovely 70's linoleum tile soaking wet, but so was my beloved Stay Puft.  He was ruined and thrown away, and I was heartbroken for a few days...weeks...maybe I still really haven't gotten over it.

I loved Ghostbusters growing up and still do.  It was a lot of fun creating this tribute design for Ghostbuster's 30th Anniversary.  With the idea behind it being, what if Mr. Stay Puft never got nuked? What would be his fate?

Stay Puft T-Shirt available at Teepublic in a variety of colors and styles.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man T-shirt Design Jlane Design Teepublic
The amazing people over at  thought this was a pretty great tribute shirt as well. 

The amazing people over at thought this was a pretty great tribute shirt as well.