Stick Together T-shirt Design for -  Teepublic

Stick Together T-shirt Design for - Teepublic

I know you've all seen the "Don't Rescue Me" and "Don't Hold My Hand" t-shirt designs I've released this year. I have to say these two are my favorite ones by far and apparently yours too. I love hearing from my fans and seeing their posts, wearing these designs. It makes my heart happy, because it sends such a positive message to women of all ages.  

Awhile back I received an email from an awesome fan from the UK, Emma. Her and her best friend loved these designs so much, that they wanted to see if I would be able to combine both onto one shirt! I couldn't resist fulfilling the heartwarming request. So along with these designs still being available on individual shirts, they are now available together on one shirt! Princess Leia and Rey our true female rebels.

This design is available on my Teepublic shop in a variety of styles and colors for adults and kids, as well as prints and Phone cases.